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October 26, 2010, 21:45
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I really wanted to say something about topology last night — maybe tonight.  I had a take-home midterm last night that I just barely got done.

The co-op house I live in is doing a reorganization of its library.  First of all, it’s awesome that we even have a library.  Second, this means more useless books for my private stash.  I’m not so much a bibliophile as an ideophile.  I’ve been tempted to pick up books whose subjects I already know thoroughly just to get a different perspective.  I don’t really have much time for personal reading at school, but whenever I see free books I have dreams that “well, I’ll get around to this someday” and “I can give it back when I’m done.”

This time around, picked up a physics textbook, a book on computability, and this crazy little thing called SIMSOC.  Created by the sociologist William Gamson, it looks to be a social experiment/role playing game/business retreat exercise focused around the challenges of maintaining a coherent society while trying to satisfy your individual goals.

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